The Layton Montpellier Scholarship Fund can do some good

Out of bad some good must come.
That could have been part of the sermon of Deacon Reg Bouchard at the funeral service for Layton Montpellier held at Ste. Anne Roman Catholic Church Nov.16
“Beyond death there is life,” is what the Deacon actually said, later pointing out that we learn more about friendship in such hard times.
Paul and Nellie Montpellier have received a lot of support over the last week or so, though none more poignant than the suggestion made at the service that people call Nellie on Sunday nights to talk about the Layton they knew, which is when he used to always call his mother.
Sadness, loss and anger are some of the emotional reactions Layton’s good friend Terrence Dumont admitted feeling.
“Tremendous anger,” he said.
Lane Montpellier repeatedly said his brother was cheated.
“I believe with my whole body that he was cheated,” he said.
Cousin Trudy Wild tried to find some rightness in all the wrong.
“I hope the people responsible for this pay for the rest of their lives,” she said at the funeral.
The need to do something is behind many of the condolences to the family. Hundreds of letters of support were stacked high in a basket on the display table at the Knights of Columbus Hall after the funeral service.
Nellie Montpellier and Dawn Hopkins have also found some good to be done.
They are planning to start the Layton Montpellier Scholarship Fund to annually offer support to a first-year Engineering student at the University of Alberta.
Layton himself went from class valedictorian at G. P. Vanier in 1997 to Engineering at the university, and was set to graduate soon.
A bank account is to be set up this week.
Donations can be made to “The Layton Montpellier Scholarship Fund” and delivered care of Dawn Hopkins, P.O. Box 132 Tangent, AB T0H 3J0