Salute to farmers held in Guy

The purpose of Farmer’s Day is to promote farmers as a major source of revenue in the Peace Region.
Guy along with many other towns in the area, have hosted celebrations for Farmer’s Day for many years. Guy hosted their Annual Farmer’s Day Picnic at the community center on June 10.
“All of the funds we raise at this event goes towards the community center in Guy. We’re happy to be raising this money, but, part of our mandate is also to create a social gathering,” says Terry Chaibos, vice president of the Guy Sports Committee.
Among the many events this year there was a silent auction which was held with donations from local businesses as well as hand crafted donations from the public. A petting zoo was displayed with the lending of farm animals from Dan Kaupp, Melissa Chaibos and Anne Fulton. Activities included a soft ball tournament and horse shoe pits as well as an indoor volleyball tournament organized by Chantal Soucy and Krystina Gagné.
“We had the candy drop right before the barbecue, which made most of the childrens’ day. We had a great turn out for the wild boar barbecue as there were about 100 plates sold at $10 each.”
There was a dance to follow with live music from the Blue Steel Band.
“Everything was really successful. We had a lot of positive comments and we raised quite a bit of money for the community center,” says Chaibos.
There was also a lottery fundraiser which is usually put on be the Guy Parish but instead, they passed on the fund-raiser to the Guy Sports Committee.
“The Parish was really nice to offer this fundraising opportunity to our organization, we thought it showed great community support,” says Chaibos who was happy to announce that 100 tickets were sold for the cash prize raffle worth $1000. That grand prize was awarded to Ray Bisson from Guy, $500 was awarded to Annette Johnson from Guy, and $300 was awarded to Lorraine Gagnon from Whitemud.
“Next year, we’re thinking of maybe starting the event on the Friday evening because we had a really good response to the baseball tournament, but we hope that the weather is nice because the rain clouds scared a lot of people off this year,” says Chaibos.