M.D. of Smoky River receives provincial/federal grant funding

The M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 has received $135,119 in funding from the province and feds to assist the municipality with a pair of local projects.
The funding, approved Oct. 11 under the Infrastructure Canada-Albert Program (ICAP), is part of $30.4 million commitment this year passed down by both the federal and provincial governments. It affects 31 communities across the province, resulting in the completion of 71 new infrastructure projects in Alberta.
Funds approved for the M.D. of Smoky River were utilized for the reclamation of a depleted municipal gravel pit and access road west of Guy.
The site was returned to its natural state this summer in an effort to address safety concerns.
The project was valued at $88,574.
A second project will see $46,546 allocated towards pavement overlay on Falher’s north access road coming into town.
M.D. Of Smoky River Municipal Administrator Lucien Turcotte says the project, which consists of approximately one-eighth of a mile of overly, won’t be carried out until next year.
To date, 168 projects totaling $88.5 million have been approved for Alberta communities under the program.
It’s all part of a six-year endeavour which will see more than $508 million directed towards things like: municipal water and wastewater systems, municipal roads, bridges and transit, affordable housing, solid waste disposal and recycling, tourism cultural or recreation facilities and projects to improve energy efficiencies in municipally-owned buildings.
The funds are cost-shared three ways between municipalities, the province and federal goverment.
Last month’s announcement marked the first anniversary of the signing of the new Infrastructure Canada-Alberta Program between the provincial and federal government.
That agreement was signed Oct. 10, 2000.
The ICAP Management Committee, which is comprised of representatives from the Government of Canada and Government of Alberta, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties (AAMD & C), is responsible for allocating the funding.
Alberta is the only province to include municipal representatives on the program’s management committee.
“The funding support offered by ICAP allows our member municipalities to take on needed infrastructure improvements,” says Eugene Wauters, spokesperson for AAMD & C.