Layton’s memory lives on in the hearts of friends

New Year’s held somewhat of a different meaning for an estimated 150 people who banded together Dec. 31 to preserve the memory of a dear friend.
That friend was Layton Montpellier, a 22-year-old former University of Alberta student, who was brutally stabbed and killed Nov. 10 outside of an Edmonton night club.
The New Year’s eve party was held at the Backtracks Pub in Donnelly to help generate proceeds for the Layton Montpellier Scholarship Fund, established immediately after his untimely death.
When it was all said and done, organizers found themselves with a grand total of $1,035 to put towards the scholarship fund.
“It was really quite special because I believe everyone in attendance had crossed paths with Layton at one time or another,” said Layton’s mother Nellie, who made a brief appearance at the party with her husband Paul and son Les.
“We were overwhelmed to see so many people doing something positive in Layton’s memory.”
Two of the primary organizers who played a leading role in making the event a reality were close friends Tara Lee Doucet and Tracy Desaulnier.
Nellie said they, along with the several local businesses which donated door prizes, deserve a tremendous amount of credit for their work behind the scenes.
“Tracy, Tara Lee and their friends did a super job of planning the party. I just want to thank everyone publicly for helping make the event a success.