Goal To Build Memorial Park Has Been Met

After fundraising events, donations and planning, the Hamelin-Leiding Park has finally been brought to life.
Volunteers gathered to build the memorial park the weekend of June 9, 2015.
“The turnout was tremendous. We were expecting to see 25 people to show up and an amazing 60-70 people were there both Friday and Saturday,” says Const. Chris Wilson, of the McLennan RCMP detachment.
The park was expected to take three days to build, but with the enormous amount of help, they were finished building at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.
“We had volunteers from McLennan, Falher, Shane Leiding’s brother, Mrs. Leiding, and even her parents came all the was from British Columbia to help,” says Wilson.
“The engineer that drew up the plans of the park, Trevor Zahara, is originally from Girouxville and now lives in St. Albert. He says that he has never seen a park go up so fast before. He came all the way from St. Albert to help build the park and he did it free of charge. We found it extremely generous, considering that he saved us about $1900,” says Wilson.
The location across from the RCMP detachment in McLennan was chosen because Shane Leiding worked for the RCMP, and the Hamelin family lived across from the park.
With all of the fundraising and donations in the past, they have raised $68,000 which is approximately $5000 more than what the structure of the park costs.
“We will make the fundraising an on-going thing so that we can keep adding to the park. With the money that is left over and the funds that we plan to raise in the future, we want to buy park benches, picnic tables, trees lights and maintain the park,” says Wilson.
There will be a golf tournament held on August 19, 2015 at the golf course in McLennan to continue raising funds for the park.
“On behalf of the committee that planned the building and fundraising of the park, I would like to state my sincere appreciation to the people who volunteered to help build this park, everyone who gave their donations and helped with the fundraising. With out them, this wouldn’t have been possible,” says Wilson.