Community Consultative Group announces Jan. 23 re-organizational meeting

The arrival of the New Year is leading to a change of arms at the Smoky River Community Consultative Group (CCG).
That was the official word from CCG Chairperson Richard Fournier who publicly announced last week that he is relinquishing his title in an effort to focus his attention as chairperson of the Community Resource Center (CRC).
“Right now I’m playing two roles and it’s proving to be a little too much,” said Fournier.
The CRC initially fell under the umbrella of the CCG, which was given the responsibility of setting the wheels of the project in motion two years ago by developing a mandate and soliciting approval from the various municipalities which make up the greater Smoky River region.
Since that time, the CRC concept has made huge leaps and bounds in terms of its progression with Richard Comeau being hired on as the coordinator through a partnership with FCSS and Region 14 CFAC.
Fournier says the CRC group, which is led by a local advisory committee and is currently addressing ways to obtain operating funding through government grants, is now in the position of finding suitable office space to set up shop.
It’s a process which he helped to start and wants to finish.
“I’m not stepping down because I feel the CCG is an unworthy group, I’m just carrying on with my work on the CRC.”
He adds the CCG has been very strong in the past 24 months, thanks in large part to the consistent dedication and commitment of the dozen or so members working diligently behind the scenes as advocates of community-based safety initiatives.
“The CCG is an excellent group to be a part of with key stakeholders like FCSS, Region 14 CFSA and the Peace Health Region,” he explained. “A tremendous amount of hard work and time has gone into this group, which is a very viable source for people to offer their input to help reduce and alleviate some of the problems being experienced out there.”
He adds the CCG is by no means a “complaints department,” but rather “a good place to bring your ideas and concerns.”
Some of those ideas have resulted in close work with various service providers such as the McLennan RCMP and the Peace Health Region to implement things like seat belt surveys and school bus safety.
News of the vacant position comes just one week in advance of the CCG’s re-organizational meeting, which is being held Jan. 23 at the Log Cabin in Falher beginning at 7:30 p.m.
Fournier says the meeting will be a perfect opportunity for members to address the void position in addition to determining the future direction of the valuable group, which has been an integral part of the community for the past two years.
“We’ve concluded from recent meetings that we need to reorganize and refocus the vision of the CCG. Now that the CRC project is under way, the CCG has to decide what direction it wants to head in,” he said.
Fournier says the group typically meets a few times a year to discuss community issues and possible solutions, adding that could change depending upon the needs of the new executive once it is in place.
For more information on next Wednesday’s meeting, contact Fournier at 837-2114.